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General enquires

01425 485615

Arranging a referral 

SCVS offers a seamless referral service with world class treatment that is second to none.


To discuss a case with one of our clinicians please contact us on 01425 485615


To refer a case, please complete our online referral form (see referral forms box on the right).


Or you can either:

  • Phone our direct referral line on 01425 485613

  • Fax a referral form (see column on right to download) on 01425 480849

  • Email a referral form (see column on right to download) to

  • Post a referral form to:

Southern Counties Veterinary Specialists LLP

Unit 6, Forest Corner Farm



Hampshire BH24 3JW


Should you require a referral form, either download it from the column on the right or telephone the reception staff who can send one by fax or post.


Referral forms should be accompanied by a full medical history, including laboratory results and radiographs if possible. This may be done online, email, fax or post.


On receipt of the referral form the referral department will contact your client directly to arrange an appointment. They will also inform you, the referring veterinary surgeon, of the arranged appointment by email or telephone.


Online Referral Forms

Standard Referral (R1)

Click here to fill out the form online for general referrals

Referral of a case for ultrasound only


Please use form R3 (see referral forms box in the right hand column)

We are happy to take referrals of dogs* solely for ultrasound scanning provided they satisfy certain criteria.

*Please note that cats always require sedcation and therefore should not be referred for ultrasound only.

  • The patient is clinically stable and fit to travel.

  • The client is aware that they will neither see a specialist nor receive treatment.

  • Ultrasonography can be performed without sedation.


Ultrasound only appointments are only available on weekdays during normal working hours. If your client wishes to have a consultation with one of our specialists after the ultrasound examination, a standard referral can be arranged on a separate occasion and the usual fees will apply.


These patients are seen as day-patients, and we will not usually discuss our findings with their owners directly, but will send a detailed report to you as soon as possible so that you may liase with owners and plan case management. Unfortunately we are unable to carry out invasive procedures such as biopsies or cystocentesis on these patients, as they are day-patients. If you would like us to do so, we do need to have a full referral consultation to ensure we are fully aware of all aspects of the patient's problem and can make arrangements for sedation or anaesthesia and monitoring after the procedure.


Ultrasound scans will be performed fully conscious. If the patient is painful, aggressive or anxious sedation will be required and referral to our internal medicine or surgery service is recommended.


What clients can expect on the day of the ultrasound scan:


On arrival at SCVS clients are received by a veterinary intern. A brief examination is performed and consent form is signed by the client. Following recovery of the pet, the client is telephoned to establish time of collection.The discharge form will state: “Your own veterinary surgeon will be in contact with you to report on the findings of the scan".


Payment will ordinarily be taken prior to discharge, although we can arrange direct insurance claims once policy details have been verified by us.

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Reading X-Rays and ECGs


Our specialists are happy to receive these for interpretation. Please complete the appropriate form (see referral forms box in the right hand column) and enclose together by post or email. We offer several levels of service at the following prices:

  • Interpretation of radiographs (use Form IM1)

  • Interpretation of ECGs (use Form IM2)



Please note that, as ultrasound is such a dynamic procedure, we are unable to report on individual ultrasound images or videos.



Ultrasonography (R3)

Click here to fill out the form online and arrange an Ultrasound scan

X-ray Interpretation (IM1)

Click here to fill out the X-ray Interprepation Form online

ECG Interpretation (IM2)

Click here to fill out the ECG Interpretation form online


"Our 6 year old yellow Labrador is now 4 months post his second hip replacement for dysplasia at SCVS with Harry Scott and Phil Witte.  He has had a superb result in terms of complete resolution of his pain, full restoration of function with full range of motion, strength and symmetry.  The entire experience at SCVS from reception to assessment to surgery to nursing and physio was outstanding.  The professional skill, the facilities and the efficiency were fantastic.  Above all, everyone there was clearly an animal person in the way that they interacted with him.  The staff all engaged with him very personally and were happy to share information requested with us. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone with a small animal needing specialist care. It doesn’t get any better than SCVS!"


Southern Counties Veterinary Specialists

Unit 6, Forest Corner Farm,




BH24 3JW


Telephone: 01425 485615

Fax: 01425 480849


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Alternatively, you can download the forms in PDF Format and print it off. Click on the links below to download the respective forms.


To refer an emergency please telephone us on 01425 485613*.


Telephones are manned 24/7 by nurses and/or interns who will be available to arrange an emergency appointment with the clinician on call.


*Please do not fax or email us emergency cases without calling first. Although we check these regularly, we cannot guarantee to reply immediately.*


Mitral Valve Clinic (MV1)

Click here to fill out the Mitral Valve Clinic form online

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