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Diagnostic imaging

SCVS has a team of four veterinary specialist radiologists and a resident who is working towards her specialism under their close supervision.  Meet the team who work closely with all of our other disciplines, to provide the best and most cost effective imaging for our patients. Our diagnostic imaging facility is one of the most advanced in the UK.


MRI - Available 7 days a week with same day reporting by our specialist radiologists. Unlike most other MRI facilities in the UK our 1.5 tesla Hallmarq scanner is designed specifically for small animal veterinary use. This allows us to optimise image quality for the great variety of shapes and sizes of our patients. In comparison with low-field scanners (0.2-0.4 tesla) images are produced in a shorter period of time and are of much higher resolution; anaesthesia time is minimised and the scans are of greater diagnostic value.


CT scanning - Available 7 days a week with same day reporting by our specialist radiologists. Our 64 slice sate-of-art Siemens scanner produces rapid high resolution scans allowing many patients to be scanned under sedation rather than general anaesthesia. Cardiac gating software allows us to eliminate motion blur and obtain detailed images of the heart and computer software is used to manipulate cross-sectional images for multi-planar and 3D imaging.


Abdominal ultrasound & ultrasound-guided biopsies - We use a top of the range GE Logiq 9 ultrasound scanner. We are happy to see cases solely for ultrasound examination on a day-patient basis. Please note that it can be difficult to give useful advice on ongoing case management if we have not had a full consultation with the pet's owner - although we will always be as helpful as we can. Ultrasound-guided biopsies are more complex procedures requiring sedation or anaesthesia and therefore we do need to have a full consultation with a specialist in order to fully assess the patient and arrange appropriate monitoring post-procedure.


Fluoroscopy - We have 2 mobile image intensifiers which allow us to view instant moving x-ray images. Our mobile Siemens Siremobil is used mainly for soft tissue and cardiology procedures and our Hologic mini C-arm is used primarily for orthopaedic procedures.


Radiography - We have a direct digital (DR) x-ray system which produces superb quality images in a matter of seconds. All of our imaging facilities are fully digital and are stored on our PACS server. Images can be accessed on any of the computers around the practice, so that they can be viewed in the operating theatres and shown to clients in the consulting rooms.


Radiography reporting - a verbal report is free of charge; a written report is £58.00 including VAT. Both hard copies and digital images are welcome (films or DICOM images are required for a written report). Our radiologists are able to liase with other specialist departments within SCVS to give you the best possible advice.



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